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Wizard Rock Band Websites...

Your guide to Wizard Rock on MySpace - Check out this wonderful group page on MySpace with links to dozens of wizard rock band profiles. 

Harry and the Potters - Check out the band bio, tour dates, CD info, and much more from the fellows who took Wizard Rock to the next level.

Draco and the Malfoys - Evil through and through, yet they still support literacy... be sure to check out these guys from Rhode Island.

the Remus Lupins - The music of Alex Carpenter, from many a character's perspective... including everyone's favorite werewolf.

Hollow Godric - Eerie and soulful Wizard Rock by Brandon Blair.

The Weird Sisters - The creators of the original Wizard Rock song, though they're perhaps better classified as Witch Punk.

Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls - The wonderful music of Christian Caldeira. A fun Pop/Soul interpretation of Wizard Rock.

The Moaning Myrtles - Our favorite toilet-haunting divas sing about how life —and death— at times can be kind of crappy.

Other Wizard Rock Related Websites...

Wizrocklopedia - Info on the past, present, and future of wizard rock.

WizardRock.org - Your source for the latest news in Wizard Rock.

RealWizardRock.com - A fantastic resource for finding Wizard Rock lyrics for the some of the community's most prolific bands.

Harvey Putter - The hilarious guys who brought us "Dork of the Rings" are at work again! This time they're spoofing Harry Potter and the HP fandom. Check out the progress of their film, "Harvey Putter" at their website or their myspace. They've also started their own Wizard Rock band, The Quaffle Kids!

Vaunt! Vaunt! 
This is a nexus where you can find music created by fans who love something so much it began to overflow. Includes Wizard Rock and other music that conquers the mundane.

WZRD - An international podcast that is all about bringing Wizard Rock closer to the people!

Harry the Rock Opera - An awesome work in progress by our awesome buddy Kieran.

Affiliate Sites...

  - A Washington children's literacy organization that collects books for low income families.

Visit MuggleNet.com!
 - The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Site!

  - An all-purpose site for the Harry Potter enthusiast, with the oldest and most comprehensive Potter news archive on the web. 

 - The Harry Potter Podcasters Coalition, taking over the Muggle world one iPod at a time.

Other Sites of Note...
jkrowling.com - J.K Rowling's official site
hp-lexicon.org  - The Harry Potter Lexicon 

If you have a Wizard Rock related site and would like to do a link exchange, please post one of the following banners on your site and email your URL to gryffinclaw@wizardrockumentary.com.