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About the Wizard Rockumentary

Why... I mean,  ...  why?

Like so many others, we are dedicated Harry Potter fans and have long been wishing for a way to contribute to the wizarding community. The opportunity presented itself when we realized that Wizard Rock, which has brought us so much enjoyment, is still relatively unknown to the vast majority of HP fans. So, in celebration of the HP music scene, we decided to create The Wizard Rockumentary: a feature length documentary on Wizard Rockers and the HP following (think "Trekkies" but way cooler because it's Harry Potter!). We hope that this documentary will expose the wizarding community to the joy that is Wizard Rock!

We discovered "Wizard Rock" back in the summer of 2004 when we saw Harry and the Potters perform in Olympia. Their CDs became favorites on our stereo, traveling with us to college and played for fellow HP fans who had not yet been enlightened by Wizard Rock. In early 2006, we were coaxed into joining MySpace and we discovered that dozens of additional bands had formed all across the country, and a few internationally, to write songs based on the Harry Potter world.

Primarily through MySpace.com, these WR bands have created a positive online community for themselves where they can share their music and even sell merchandise. A supportive fanbase has developed, and the WR bands have found themselves with an audience of thousands. Now, in addition to Harry and the Potters, many of the bands are also performing live and some are even touring the nation. Dedicated fans of all ages show up at libraries, coffee shops, and night clubs to meet them and hear them play-- many dressed in HP gear or wearing WR t-shirts. In fact, these musicians of varying skill have become celebrities to a select population of HP fans.

We have received a lot of support for this movie already from this same group, and we are very enthusiastic about this project's potential. While the internet has provided a stage for these musicians, the news of their existence has not reached the majority of HP fans. We hope that this documentary will help to spread the word, and both wizards and muggles should be able to enjoy the spirit and creativity of these young musicians and their stories.

Our Goals

  • To exhibit the extent to which J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has inspired the creativity of her readers.
  • To showcase the writers and performers of wizard rock and their promotion of literacy and music.
  • To make an example of the supportive community that Wizard Rock bands and fans have built online.
  • To explore the effect that Harry Potter has had on our generation as a whole and document the fandom during the year leading up to the release of the final book.

GryffinClaw Productions, LLC, was created specially for the Wizard Rockumentary. It is fueled by our humble savings and pure stubbornness. This project and the bands that it documents personify creativity, nerve, and perseverance. If nothing else, we hope that this documentary will inspire people to follow their dreams and do what they love. You CAN start a band. You CAN write a book. You CAN make a movie.

We are two twenty-one-year-old girls who have traveled across the country of our own device, meeting incredible strangers along the way who we now count as friends. We're taking a chance with our time, money, and energies for something that we love and we are having a freaking blast! Take a risk and follow your heart and enjoy every moment of it. Wizard Rock on!

~Mallory and Megan Schuyler (2006)

Why you?

Megan Schuyler (Ravenclaw) is a producer/video editor for the Non-Fiction Division of North by Northwest, a production company in Spokane, Washington. She graduated from Washington State University as the Outstanding Graduate of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, with a BA in Broadcast Management. Here are just a few of her past projects*:
"Locust Street Taxi." Music video/ rockumentary (2001).
- "Drugs and Behavior: from the Street to the Lab." Educational video produced for WSU's Psychology Dept. Sold to universities across the US, Canada, and the UK, including Harvard (2005). Earned her the Sigma Xi Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award (first place).
- "Save the Day." Annual fundraising videos for the American Red Cross, utilized locally in Spokane and shown at their national conventions (2006-2007).

Oh, and she also edited the "Behind the Scenes" special feature for the Chuck Norris movie, The Cutter. Woo Hoo! (Chuck Norris thinks that Voldemort is a wuss.)

Mallory Battista (Gryffindor) is a writer and graphic art enthusiast who works for an art gallery/bookstore while pursuing her own creative endeavors (like this one) on the side. She graduated from Washington State University as the Outstanding Graduate of Entrepreneurship, with a BA in Business Administration / Entrepreneurship. She recently finished her first novel and sells her art locally. She has also helped Megan with several of her projects, including taking still photos, designing packaging/promotional material, and other important stuff, like holding the boom mic. Aside from creative input, interviewing skills, and being able to sing nearly any Wizard Rock song on cue (though not on key)**, her main contributions in the shooting of this movie are being the getaway driver and other important stuff, like holding the boom mic.

They are twin sisters and best friends.

*The listed projects were all produced, edited, and (with the exception of Save the Day) shot by Megan.
**While this was true when the project began, now there are over 450 wrock bands and this is no longer the case.***
***That is to say, Mallory doesn't know all of the lyrics anymore; she will certainly continue to sing off key no matter how many wrock bands there are.